Community is Key

The results of this longitudinal refugee survey show the strong correlation of social networks and overall well-being.

Observing Colorado refugees over a period of 5 years, the Refugee Survey & Evaluation (RISE) Study finds a significant correlation between social support and well-being. “Those who progress along the integration pathways do not do it alone. They rely on family and friends to pool financial resources, housing, child care, food, and information, and they rely on informants and navigators from within and outside their ethnic and language groups. This support and these networks seem critical to integration success.
Lichtenstein, G., Puma, J., Engelman, A., Miller, M. (2016). The Refugee Survey & Evaluation (RISE) Study, Year 5: Final Report—A Study of Refugee Integration in Colorado. Unpublished technical report (pp. 1-126). Bluff, Utah, USA: Quality Evaluation Designs.



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