U.S. Immigrant Children Experience Less Discrimination than EU kids

This intriguing study finds that children of U.S. immigrants face far fewer problems with discrimination than the second generation immigrant children in Europe.

“There is improvement across the generations in all non-EU OECD countries, whereas the reverse is the case in most of the EU countries for which data are presented in Figure 1.5. In these latter countries, the native-born children of immigrants are in fact more likely to feel discriminated against than their peers who have actually immigrated. Their sentiment could have grave implications for social cohesion. A possible explanation for this pattern is that persons who have themselves immigrated may have frames of reference more oriented to the origin country, while the native-born offspring of immigrants have been socialised into host-country norms and standards of equal treatment and are thus more aware of and sensitive to infractions of these standards.”
OECD: Indicators of Immigrant Integration. Settling In. 2016



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