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How are refugees doing after 10 years? What is the economic contribution of refugees to America? And which aspects of existing resettlement services are most relevant to helping refugees succeed in the U.S.? If you are trying to find refugee data in an easily digestible form, you may wish to go to the Refugee Research Blog.

The Refugee Research Blog summarizes research findings on issues relevant to all resettlement practitioners, including refugee housing, employment, integration, ESL, public assistance, social capital and parish/community support, enabling resettlement practitioners and newcomer advocates to keeps abreast of important trends in the field. Do you have research report and findings you wish to share with the refugee and immigrant service community? Contact Daniel at sturm@sturmstories.com, if you would like to submit for an upcoming blog post.

Daniel Sturm, Researcher, Writer, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Professional.

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